Advice installing Linuxcnc from source - modifying XHC WHB04b - 6

15 Nov 2023 21:08 - 15 Nov 2023 21:14 #285544 by bally123
Hi All

I am preparing my pc in order to attempt modifying the XHC WHB04b-6 driver to better suit the 4 axis version. 
I am a newbie regards linux so just wanting to explain "my limited" understanding of the process and welcome anyone to comment on my approach or offer any relevant advice.1. Download Debian 12.2 and set up dual boot with my current linuxcnc Test machine. - completed2.
2. Install linuxCNC 2.9 from source - I will be using the help file   and Rod W's guide on you tube
as a reference - i feel OK about this, I just need to get into to it and see what errors I hit.
3. Hopefully I'll have achieved a basic working linuxcnc environment and get the XHC pendant working on the sim

Now here's where i get a bit uncertain ....

4. I understand at this point i can begin to edit the source files (for the pendant) and use make to compile the changes ....

First I need to figure out where the XHC WHB04b-6 source files are stored, does anyone know ?

Can I edit those source files and recompile just the XHC XHC WHB04b-6  driver or do I need to recompile Linuxcnc?

Looking forward  I will want to distribute the updated XHC driver (to my other machine and anyone who wants it) - I believe  I will need to create dpkg package to do this.

At this first stage should I choose a Run in place build and get the pendant working as I need or start out with a Debian build mode?

Or have I got this all wrong and there's a better way at this .... can I somehow update the XHC WHB04b-6  driver and install it to linuxcnc outside of a build from source environment.

Any advice to help me prepare is greatly appreciated.

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16 Nov 2023 03:11 #285570 by rodw
You should find it and the other components in 

Glad my video helped.

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18 Nov 2023 16:22 #285836 by bally123
Got linuxcnc 2.9  installed from source today. Rods video was pretty much a walk through. and the mnual pages helped with pasting the commands.

Only issue I hit was an opengl error when i started the program.    No module named 'OpenGL'

A bit of googling and i went with  - sudo apt install python3-opengl

That solved it.  Hope it helps someone.

Now into digging around a bit and setting up the XHC-WHB04b pendant
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