Help required in testing a few fixes to the 2.9.2 install ISO. Linked added

09 Jun 2024 04:29 #302656 by rodw
I'm pretty sure the live build debs are buggy and introduce the raspberry firmware bug that was in Debian 12.0 (fixed in 12.1) even if you are running a later version.

It is therefore best to build live Build from source as described in the live build manualĀ

The source is much more current than the 02 May 2023 the deb is date stamped.

Note that LB will build for the Debian Version on the host the ISO is built on so be sure your PC is current.
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09 Jun 2024 08:00 #302667 by cornholio
Thanks for the heads up Rod.

The latest Debian Bookworm live-build version works, once a small error in the auto/config is sorted, as mentioned in a previous post.

I built the ISO on Mint 21.3 and got this in .disk/info
Debian GNU/Linux 12 "Bookworm" - Official Snapshot amd64 LIVE/INSTALL Binary 20240606-02:09

When building on Debian Bookworm apart from the date the file has the same info same.

So I can conclude that the ISO can be successfully built on Mint 21.3 with the current Debian live-build package installed.

The build process removes rpi-firmware along with libre-office, this is in the Linuxcnc-live-build-repo, which is where I started the all from.
After installing from the ISO and updating there was no mention of rpi-firmware being an issue, even runnning sudo update-grub

rpi-firmware is still listed, being marked as residual config indicating that it has been removed but theres some files hanging around. ATM I don't think it's an issue.

Just built live build from source using the instructions you linked to and got this package
live-build_20230502_all.deb Built on Mint 21.3 & Debain 12.5 and package is the same. So I guess that we can conclude the package from debian is the most up to date. Unless of course if you are aware of any branches that are more mature.

After checking against the version I have installed:
rmurphy@ThinkPad-T530:~/tmp$ lb --version

If you have any more info Rod it would be appreciated.

Just to be sure I've used this to install on:
VirtualBox on 2 different machines.
T61 Thinkpad (just to test that it will install) Core2Duo
HP T610 Plus Thinclient (could be a potential candiate for the Lathe)
Acer Aspire D255 Intel Atom (install process went fine not at all a candidate to run a machine only 1GB ram)
T530 ThinkPad, just testing a live session as no free disk space to install
M72e ThinkStation, with a 3rd Gen i5 it is good (another curb find).
2006 ish Intel iMac.....had to let the install have the whole disk, didn't bother investigating dual boot with rEFInd too far. Just want to see if this thing I found on the curb would work.
Asrock J3355b-tx with a 256GB Evo NVMe on a cheap ebay card, does boot directly from the NVMe, bios sees it as a boot disk.

Tested on USB 2.0 flash drives of 4GB & 8GB and USB 3.0 Flash drive of 16GB.

I'm a bit of a hoarder. Don't really want to try the odroid as it's a pain to get to and running the mill and setup sweet.
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10 Jun 2024 23:43 #302787 by cornholio
The following user(s) said Thank You: rodw

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12 Jun 2024 07:22 #302860 by cornholio
No interest ? No one got the time ?

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