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18 May 2022 07:34 #243250 by frede7
happily found Duet3 to be powerful enough to drive the steppers of my mill. As a Linux enthusiast I am very happy about LinuxCNC and would like to use this via the Duet board to control my motors, i.e. also with LinuxCNC-generated G-code. Already done?
What I had in mind was to tap into your communication with the RPi and find (preferred) or implement (if you allow) an interface in analogy to what LinuxCNC has with the MESA cards, or better, that mimics how you talk to the driver chip. Any such interface could then be used for arbitrary other projects, be it marble machines or some other person may think that MIDI is the ultimate language and then uses your board to drive his violin. For some initial benchmarking that I had in mind, comparing G-code of the current still original setup with your 15 years younger drivers, your board will be fine as it is, so I can start, but the summer I hope to bring a LinuxCNC-based solution.

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18 May 2022 12:52 #243268 by andypugh
The Duet3 might not be a good fit for LinuxCNC as-is. Though with different firmware it would offer a good selection of features at a decent price.

The issue is that LinuxCNC is a CNC controller. And the Reprap firmware that the Duet is intended to run is _also_ a CNC controller. So the Duet tries to do a _lot_ more than LinuxCNC expects.

Now, with a simplified firmware on the Duet that simply accepted stepper motor positions (and other IO commands) sent digitally every 1mS, it would probably work rather nicely.

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20 May 2022 23:17 #243446 by scotta

I've had enquiries from people asking if there was any intention to port Remora to support the Duet boards. This would be the solution you are looking for but not a priority as yet.

Have you looked at Remora and the supported STM32 controller boards?

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