Roadmap for ARMs

18 Oct 2015 17:10 #63900 by Andreas.Schafferloh
Hello Community,

meanwhile I have my CNC machine up and running but still have problems with the BBB. Basically it is the combination of Linux-Distribution, Kernel, Hardware and Machinekit. So for the moment I still use my old PC to run the CNC milling.

I found recently an upgrade to version 2.7 and when reading the changelogs I found this entry

"* better ARM support" (

Using the "regular" linuxCNC instead of machinekit would solve a few problems (e.g. better documentations, larger community and support) but what is the roadmap at all for arm processors? Or more general what are the roadmaps? I found some interessting hints that jessie is being considered now and support for arm would be perfect.

Can anybody shed some light on this (ARM/BBB Support and jessie)?


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19 Oct 2015 22:58 #63954 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic Roadmap for ARMs
There is a build of LinuxCNC for Jessie
But not ARM binary.

The developer who I know can answer your question is not active on the Forum, you should get some information if you ask on the Developers mailing list.

I believe that you need a kernel with the RT_PREMPT patch, and can then compile and run the Uspace version of LinuxCNC.

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