GUI Unbinding of USB Mouse & Keyboards

08 Sep 2022 21:24 #251519 by garrettmin
LCNC Question:  Unbinds & Disconnects
  1. the USB Mouse when Manually turning on Spindle with GUI Button while in a Program and starting from different Line#'s. 
  2. the USB Keyboard when starting the program from a Line#. 
LCNC Answers:  unbinds & Disconnects
To fully control and administrate all GUI functions, from start of program or from Line # of program, without any mysterious unbinding of USB Mouse/Keyboard, one must configure:
  1. syntax of: 
    1. Configuration file to prevent LCNC Unbinding of USB Mouse/Keyboard? 
    2. Post Processor for G / M Codes that do not have the correct formating for
      1. "Manually Turn On Spindle in middle of program from Line#". 
        1. Resulting LCNC then Unbinds USB Mouse for reason of G-Code Syntax?
  2. a touchscreen?
  3. a PS/2 Mouse / Keyboard?
  4. a full array of HAL HID Physical Buttons & Switches, Pendants?
Design of LCNC HID Controls... 

LCNC optimization goal is to design HID with Pendants, HAL, Physical Buttons & Switches, enough to control everything without a mouse or keyboard. 

Theory Speculation:
TouchScreens are basically the same HID as a USB Mouse & Keyboard...  Do the touchscreens in Gmoccapy also unbind when manually turning on a Spindle or unbind when starting a program from a Line#?

Theory Favor: 
All above Custom HAL HID with also the USB Mouse & Keyboard.... 

LCNC Unknown: 
1.  always unbinds the network when I startup LCNC w/ Mesa.  Presume there is no way to retain any Network Adapter, "USB or PCI" while LCNC is powered up with Mesa reason of isolate Mesa from network latency. 

2.  always unbinds USB Mouse when I mouse-click the GUI Button for Spindle On in Axis & Gmoccapy.  Does turn spindle on then mouse disappears. 

3.  occasionally unbinds the keyboard also when starting program from Line# instead of starting program from begining. 

LCNC Challenge: 
Without a full HID of Pendants, HAL Buttons & Switches configured in a newly developing machine... 
With Unbinding of USB Mouse & Keyboard in specific "Spindle On" or "Start from Program Line#"
How does one control the GUI in Full? In Full the ability to accomplish all GUI functions without loosing a Mouse or Keyboard halfway through some program due to pushed the wrong button tried to manually turn on spindle in middle of program lost all USB Mouse & Keyboard machine then crashed?

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08 Sep 2022 21:37 #251522 by tommylight
LCNC statement: NOT MY PROBLEM! :)
All those issues are due to huge amount of interference as a result of improper grounding or wiring or not adhering to wiring practices for "high interference emissions" equipment.
At the risk or repeating myself:
-ground everything to a single point in the control cabinet
-make sure sockets in use have grounding
-make sure the grounding in the shop is OK
-Make sure the PC and monitor have grounded plugs
-do not use cheap keyboard and mouse, use older Dell, HP, or Lenovo/IBM
-use ferite rings on all three spindle motor wires separately
-do not use cheap power supplies

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09 Sep 2022 20:15 #251569 by garrettmin
So the USB Keyboard & Mouse are in fact, not configured in LCNC to Unbind when turning on the Spindle.

It is in fact, HF VFD Spindle EMF Noise in the system improper grounding.

Thanks for the advice, your right, My VFD Spindle is on SOOW without a Shielded Cable and my USB Mouse & Keyboard are on a "USB Powered Extension Cord".

Surely the cause is VFD Unshielded Cable with USB Powered Extension Cables on Mouse/Keyboard.


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