Nativecam alternative install (option)

06 Mar 2022 20:04 - 25 May 2022 21:38 #236529 by robertspark
I stumbled across this, and thought that it may be of use to someone.

Note, this will ONLY work when Python2 is available as NativeCAM has not yet been updated to python 3.

You may need to install some dependancies, I am running linuxcnc installed via the 2.8.2 ISO along with debian Buster.
sudo apt install -y geany git dpkg-dev debhelper

Download from the git respository:
git clone NativeCAM

navigate and edit the file:
geany ~/NativeCAM/debian/

change line 20 from:
(cd ..; debuild -us -uc -b)
(cd ..; dpkg-buildpackage -j4 -us -uc -b)

if you have more cores available it will speed up the build process with -j4.

save and close and run the file
./NativeCAM/debian/ [code]

then install the deb file created using:

sudo dpkg -i nativecam_0.1.14a_all.deb

I can't remember the full name of the deb it creates use your <TAB> key to autocomplete after typing the first few letters.

then run any one of the following for NativeCAM to run in the stand alone mode:
ncam -c lathe
ncam -c mill
ncam -c plasma

you can run
ncam --help

to see how to install nativecam embeded within your inifile

hope this helps someone out.

as an alternative to using the script an curl which was giving me issues with the key and also changing the repository from "stretch" to "buster"..... it seems to just work fine this way.   At least that is my experiance so far

...... now to learn how to convert from python 2 >> python 3 ...... {2to3...} or more importantly the changes from GTK2 to GTK3 which seem to be a little more complex
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