Notes on Path Pilot 1.8.2 source code

27 Nov 2015 03:10 - 27 Nov 2015 03:12 #65848 by jepler
Executive Summary

Someone who used the written offer for the GPL source code from Tormach was kind enough to redistribute the tarball to me.

I compressed (xz) the archive and made it available at

Path Pilot (version 1.8.2) is a fork of a prerelease of LinuxCNC 2.6.0 with significant back-ports (e.g., the planner that is new in LinuxCNC 2.7.x) changes not incorporated into LinuxCNC (e.g., inifile settings for default tolerances, single-stepping changes, a default preview plot size limit in AXIS/gremlin, remap changes, and other changes I don't grok at first glance), and some things that are worrying (removing the path whitelist checking of module_helper).

Organization seems to have linuxcnc/ as one subdirectory, and other stuff in sibling directories. A script implies that git submodules are probably in play.

It also includes significant non-linuxcnc portions, e.g., in depends:
check_operatorsudo  mesaflash  numlockx  shifttest  time-admin-wrapper truetype-tracer

In lib/ are files including a modified binary copy of libgtk "with FileChooser restricted to ~/gcode." (quoted text plus patch in lib/gtklibpatch.txt)

As yet, I have not investigated whether the source files build and work for me.

File details

File size 223774720 (214MB) latest dated files are 2015-07-21 14:01

Cryptographic checksums:
c7917534468b02fa609ccabc03dccc12  pathpilot_source-1.8.2.tar.xz
838c36835746e8b3c5a00c9c99c2649b  pathpilot_source.tar

47c9b81c3f588a11c14d24363492e09806a5bf9c  pathpilot_source-1.8.2.tar.xz
e51a14be8a3c8c9952668bde7294b9221cecc200  pathpilot_source.tar

Rambling narrative

this archive also contains a large number of object files such as ./linuxcnc/src/xor2.ko that are created by a linuxcnc build process.

Organization seems to have linuxcnc/ as one subdirectory, and other stuff in sibling directories.

this archive also contains a large number of object files such as ./linuxcnc/src/xor2.ko that are created by a linuxcnc build process. Organization seems to have linuxcnc/ as one subdirectory, and other stuff in sibling directories.

this archive also contains a large number of object files such as ./linuxcnc/src/xor2.ko that are created by a linuxcnc build process.

version.txt says "v1.8.2". This version numbering is unrelated to LinuxCNC's. linuxcnc/version.txt says "2.6.0~pre". linuxcnc/debian/changelog's latest entries pertain to the 2.5.3 release

At a first glance, this means that the forking point of pathpilot is between these two revisions:
ce9835a Release 2.5.3          (July 23, 2013)
3f5e5a5 2.6.0~pre1 changelog   (April 7, 2014)

so I went prospecting with the help of a shell alias
$ f () { git rev-list --first-parent $range -- $1 | while read rev; do git log -1 --abbrev-commit --format="%H %aD %s" $rev ; git diff --shortstat --exit-code $rev -- $1 && echo MATCH; echo; done | less; }
$ range=ce9835a..3f5e5a5 f src/hal/drivers/mesa-hostmot2/encoder.c
81876a9c1563246b0e19f7230a3577bdcc6cc227 Mon, 7 Apr 2014 01:35:55 +0200 hm2: muxed encoder: add support for FilterRate and Muxed Skew register.
 1 file changed, 15 insertions(+), 77 deletions(-)

3923028b51b8ca2b4e7e2ae80b0896302e64ac56 Mon, 7 Apr 2014 01:33:00 +0200 hm2: add support for muxed encoder version 4
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 3 deletions(-)

7c112e5b77f0adb6094207645ef31bb49b4d1a1b Sun, 23 Feb 2014 17:57:00 +0100 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

91efbf5fe8da8e1d5c023c45a94a3303cf29c27f Thu, 15 Aug 2013 21:46:18 +0100 Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into hm2-resolver-fix-for-master
 1 file changed, 24 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

Diffing against linuxcnc at this ref (7c112e5b) starts to produce results both mundane
diff --git a/src/emc/ini/ b/src/emc/ini/
index 29d8c27..4d5d1e4 100644
--- a/src/emc/ini/
+++ b/src/emc/ini/
@@ -42,6 +42,20 @@ static int loadTool(IniFile *toolInifile)
     const char *inistring;
     if (NULL != (inistring = toolInifile->Find("TOOL_TABLE", "EMCIO"))) {
+        // see if filename starts with '~'
+        if (inistring[0] == '~') {
+            // get user's HOME directory from environment
+            char *home;
+            char full_path[LINELEN];
+            if ((home = getenv("HOME")) != NULL) {
+                // start with the path to the HOME directory
+                strcpy(full_path, home);
+                // skip the '~'
+                strcat(full_path, &inistring[1]);
+                inistring = full_path;
+            }
+        }
        if (0 != emcToolSetToolTableFile(inistring)) {
            rcs_print("bad return value from emcToolSetToolTableFile\n");
            retval = -1;
and interesting
diff --git a/src/emc/motion/command.c b/src/emc/motion/command.c
index ada126d..6307a38 100644
--- a/src/emc/motion/command.c
+++ b/src/emc/motion/command.c
@@ -81,6 +83,52 @@ extern void check_stuff(const char *msg);
+ * Helper function to execute a single step command.
+ * This sets the appropriate flags so that the trajectory planner runs just the
+ * next segment.
+ */
+STATIC int do_step_cmd(struct state_tag_t const * const tag) {
+    if(!emcmotStatus->paused) {
+        reportError(_("MOTION: can't STEP while already executing"));
+        return -1;
+    }
+    if (!tag) {
+        reportError(_("MOTION: invalid ID trying to do a STEP"));
+        return -1;
+    }
+    emcmotDebug->idForStep = tag->fields[GM_FIELD_STEPPING_ID];
+    rtapi_print_msg(RTAPI_MSG_DBG," idForStep = %d, line = %d\n",
+            emcmotDebug->idForStep,
+            tag->fields[GM_FIELD_LINE_NUMBER]);
+    emcmotDebug->stepping = 1;
+    tpResume(&emcmotDebug->tp);
+    emcmotStatus->paused = 1;
+    return 0;
+ * Check if a move has been added to an empty queue, and trigger a step command
+ * if necessary.
+ * This assumes that single-stepping is done in task, and so receiving a new
+ * motion command on an empty queue while stepping will only happen when a step
+ * command is issued to task.
+ */
+STATIC int do_firstmove_step(struct state_tag_t const * const tag) {
+    if(!emcmotStatus->paused || emcmotStatus->depth > 0) {
+        return -1;
+    }
+    do_step_cmd(tag);
+    return 0;
 /* loops through the active joints and checks if any are not homed */
 int checkAllHomed(void) {
     int joint_num;
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25 Dec 2015 09:14 #67311 by tkamsker
Hi Question
iĺl try to have a look what are they doing so thank you for that tarball
But did you get it to compile ?
Happy christmas

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09 May 2016 02:31 #74388 by smgvbest

I've been working on compiling PathPilot from the sources and have a few notes
My build environment is based on "ubuntu-10.04-linuxcnc3-i386.iso" running in a VM
create the ID operator and use it. it seems to have less problems when you do
I created ~/pathpilot_source and put the tar there

Here is a list of make options you can use
Tormach highly editing the basic LinuxCNC Makefile
install-dep			# Install system-wide dependencies needed to run linuxcnc and GUI
lathe-tarball			# Create encrypted tarball for CNC lathe with mill references removed
tarball				# Create encrypted tarball for mill and lathe  
			  			used to create updates posted on website
all-tarball			# Create encrypted tarball including everything even unreleased projects
list-tgp				# Check tarball by extracting to a local folder
run					# Launch the GUI with the configuration stored in $(MACHINE_CONFIG) or launch config picker if this file does not exist
build			       # Compile all objects
install				# Build and install all files to the run directory
git-commands		# Install symlinks for git scripts to $(GIT_SYMLINK_DIR)
git-hooks  			# Setup git hooks by symlinking hook scripts into .git/hooks
clean-git-hooks		# Clean installed git hooks by unlinking them in .git/hooks
first					# Run this command on a fresh clone to do all the setup steps
default				# Automatically configure linuxcnc and dependencies and build
configure-sim		# Explicitly configure linuxcnc for local simulation build
depends			# Compile and install dependencies
purge-packages		# Purge packages not needed on the machine controller
linuxcnc-modules       # Build linuxcnc and all kernel modules
python				# Copy over all tormach python files to the appropriate folder structure in run.
build-clean			# Remove all files in the run folder
clean				# Recursively clean compiled objects and libraries
distclean			# Recursively clean all generated files (the nuclear option)
strip					# Search for all compiled objects and strip out debugging symbols
resources			# Copy resource files needed for GUI to $HOME/tmc

To get a working build environment after expanding the source tarball run
make install-dep
make install
make python # note sure if these two are really needed or not yet
make resources
make run # this setsup and runs pathpilot for first time. it will run with a 5i25 config file

it may take less that that but that is what I had to do to get it to work
the install-dep takes some time to complete, about 500+MB download

some basic notes

it was missing after make run

# note source does not include final images for pathpilot (tormach may consider these pro proprietary)
# quick fix, install v1.8.2.tgp from tormach download and put into update folder.
# note a diff of 1.8.2 installed from source and 1.8.2 from tgp have differences

I commented out the section of code in operator_login with $SHUTDOWN_CONTROLER in my sources folder to prevent ti from overwriting my change this way it never shutdown after an update

Manually Configure file with
echo `pwd`~/tmc/configs/tormach_lathe/tormach_lathe_5i25.ini > ~/config_file.txt

To Manually extract a *.tgp file
*.tgp # updates files are gpg password protect with moravianvalley
gpg --yes --no-use-agent --symmetric --output ~/v1.8.2.tgz --passphrase=moravianvalley v1.8.2.tgp

to get it fully working I have to apply the v1.8.2 update then all worked fine (graphics mostly)
it is a case of missing files the makefile is not completing from what I can tell.

All the python code is there to edit the interface including the *.ui or *.glade files.
if you want to play with these launch the software update and In the search box type in glade and look for GTK+ 2 User Interface Builder and install. I've also install eclipse C/C++ to work on source files.

That's all for now.
but wanted to show what's been going on

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09 May 2016 07:37 - 09 May 2016 10:39 #74395 by cncbasher
the only differences i am aware of are indeed the graphics , tormach have copyrighted them , the version of graphics given in the source cd are more of a hand drawn variant as against the installed version .
i am not aware of any other differences , so if you find any , i would appricate a call , so it can be further investigated
i would be interested to know of Missing files ,

adding the pathpilot sources to the iso , will require the linuxcnc pre-requsites being installed , as if your building linuxcnc on it's own
it's easier to get linuxcnc build 2.6.3 source to build first , and then add the requirements for pathpilot. is a python script for using remap from the linuxcnc sources , this is called from your ini script .
Last edit: 09 May 2016 10:39 by cncbasher.

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11 May 2016 23:13 #74535 by smgvbest

I'm going to repeat what I did and be sure I didn't introduce anything else accidentally before I post any differences.

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