why not build a pilotpath like screen?

06 Feb 2016 10:55 #69695 by newbynobi
Hallo Balestrino,

you are right, most items you mentioned are not related to gmoccapy:

  • macro not showing correctly in gcode listing
  • I do not understand that exactly. Do you mean when calling a macro from MDI shortcut button you should change the code window?
    or do you referen to remap code? On remap, there is a problem, as linuxcnc will not report the actual number of the main programm, but the line number of the remaped code, so the active line does jump arround sometime.
  • when editing the offset table we can change only one field at time
  • Yes, I am aware of that, I keep back with a solution, as I do not know how the development of all gladevcp will go on. It will not be supported in near feature, because it is gtk2 based. So asll stuff need to be ported to gtk3, what is not only time intensive, but also the behavior of some stuff will change.
  • add the ROT parameter to be set in the offset table
  • What is the ROT Parameter?
  • when using probe_screen the page is forced to switch back to mainpage, sometime not.
  • Probe Screen is a user added tab and based on linuxcnc features, so it is not based on gmoccapy.
    If you do give me information why and when a change is not widhed, I could try to implement such a behavior.
  • Probe screen should be improved (i was working on it but i'm on hold now)
  • Not gmoccapy, please report to linuxcnc-features
  • Gremlin should be improved. It should not reset the view automatically
  • What exactly do you mean? When does it reset the preview?
  • Goto gcode line is ok? last time i tried no
  • ?????
  • little improvement to M6 remap: when tool is on dont go to change position
  • Remap is based on change.ngc, so it is up to you to change any behavior in remap you like, it is impossible for me, to realize all possible possibilities.
  • i've not tested features from a long time. But to complete the list the gmoccapy+feature+probe with all the jingle and bells would be great and i would like it more than PathPilot
  • Not gmoccapy, please report to linuxcnc-features


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07 Feb 2016 16:47 #69737 by cncbasher
can i suggest as this is more to do with Gmocappy , that the posts are continued there,

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