What LinuxCNC "realtime components" & "capabilities" are missing from PP v2.0

14 Dec 2019 17:42 #152658 by jj80909
It's been about 5 years since I have worked with LinuxCNC (built a 3 axis mill with gmoccapy gui), so please excuse the ignorant questions.

I have a new 3 axis knee mill project and would like to use the PP interface. I've been reading the posts in this forum and quite a few are in regards to missing LinuxCNC components and capabilities. Would someone here please list or shed light on the things missing from PP?

The reasons I see for using PP over other flavors of LinuxCNC are the well thought out industrial interface, its focus on being for the machinist or pro-hobbyist producing parts, the well documented updates & bug fixes, and the availability of constantly updated Fusion 360 post processors.

The knee mill I would like to retrofit is pretty basic and seems like it would fit PP fairly well. It has Yaskawa servo and spindle drives as well as a Renishaw toolsetting probe and spindle probe. I would like to use a Mesa 7i92 / 7i77 combo as PP does use the 7i92. I've also considered first getting up and running with gmoccapy, working out all the details in the HAL and INI files, and then transferring over to PP.

Anyway, I will probably start another thread later for the mill retrofit, but for now I would like to know what LinuxCNC pieces are missing from PP so I can make a more informed decision.

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17 Dec 2019 08:29 #152781 by davidimurray
It is probably easier to ask what do you need. A lot of the guts from linuxcnc has been stripped out - but as it is based on Linuxcnc, generally you can add things back in. I've just compiled a version of linuxcnc 2.8 RT on a virtual box so I have files available to copy over.

It will depend on what you are doing but as an example, Lincruve is missing. To get it working it was as simple as copying the missing file over.

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