A little Help with how the Pathpilot code menues are working

02 Jan 2020 14:59 #153795 by Andyf97
I am looking at the V2 Code and trying to understand the relationship betweeen buttons being pressed and sub pages being loaded. I am quite OK with Delphi, VB and PHP but python to me is pretty new to me.

What I want to do is: When I click the probe button the tool gets set to be 99 and feedrate 400

I am thinking this should be set somewhere in tmc/python/probing.py

Any ideas Guys and Gals?

The state of my controller/PC is:
I have removed PP from being started on boot of the PC & I edited the shutdown and reboot from operator_login to not shotdown the PC after. So editing the scripts is pretty easy.

I also edit the splash screen settings so that I do not wait to watch each time the banner ads at the start of PP, annoying splash screen.

Welcome any help, and wish you all a fantastic 2020

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