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23 May 2020 10:58 - 23 May 2020 10:59 #168680 by MrJTJinx
Thanks Tom,
The further i get into PP the more im learning, thats a good thing right.
I just discovered yesterday that the coolant and spindle direction pins go logic high as soon as power is applied to the PC motherboard and dont extinguish until the GUI is up and running, a tad annoying to have coolant spraying everywhere until the system is up and running i thought.. The PP breakout board appears to be doing quite a bit of trickery with the charge pump signal.
So my progress (not very much). I have created a rule for the USB device. (I coppied the rule for the Zbot ATC) and changed the configuration of the CP2102 USB bridge device to what i thought would be similar to the zbot usb device - this might not make sense to some but i have done it before with FTDI devices and tools to give periferals a dedicated serial. Im sure this is going down the right path. It sounds like tormach are getting their devices already serialised going by the description in the header of the rules.d file. As yet im having no joy its not transmitting to the device for the handshake/hello im expecting PP to send. I may have it wrong, perhaps the ATC initiates the coms and then gets told to be quiet by the response. As the Zbot is a usb connection to PP im anticipating serial commands, any help in this direction would be much appreciated.

Are you using serial or Lan, I have downloaded your files for the robot arm and read through them but cant see anything which looks like serial commands.
The USB IO expansion is waiting for command (serial.available) and expects to see VE being transmitted, it then resonds withthe version string "teensy for tormach I/O ID=0\n"
PP must send somthing different to Zbot ATC? otherwise both devices could respond at once.
Just to lay the cards on the table, im nothing more than a hobby programmer of a basic level but i am a damn good all round mechanical and instrumentation guy. I know coders hate helping those they deam incapable of programming but hey what can i say, techies can be useful sometimes as well. The mechanics of building this ATC are a walk in the park. Looking forward to your input.
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16 Dec 2020 22:51 #192205 by Dorro1971
I think a charge pump would stop the unwanted logic...e.g. don't supply power to any of the relays until a 50hz square wave is detected.

I know it's a bit late.....sorry 'bout that..

Best, Ian

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