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29 Sep 2020 05:24 #184239 by Jakemestre1
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Hi Everyone,
Trying to get pathpilot 2.6.0 to work with a VistaCNC P1AS pendant. I can't seem to get it to load no matter how much I vary the instructions for installation or HAL file in the base 1100.ini. Has anybody gotten this to work so far and if so any pointers on how to proceed that varies from the instructions? Thanks so much!

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04 Oct 2020 16:46 #184844 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic P1AS pendant
Just to be sure, did you check topics related to other pendants, as (just a stab in the dark here) maybe with some modifications to the hal files it can be made to work.
Also bumped this in case someone who can help missed it.
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04 Oct 2020 23:09 #184881 by hoffb77
Replied by hoffb77 on topic P1AS pendant
What is the error log saying? There was a thread very recently that mentioned the multiple halui double write errors when installing a Vista Pendant.

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05 Oct 2020 01:08 #184898 by JohnnyCNC
Replied by JohnnyCNC on topic P1AS pendant
I don't have a Tormach or PathPilot but I do use a P4-SE pendent with LinuxCNC. These directions very similar to the ones I use for regular LinuxCNC. There doesn't look like much that could go wrong. Are you getting an error or does it just not work?

Is the firmware loaded in the pendent? Maybe try loading the firmware again. My pendant says "LINUXCNC" on the screen until I start LinuxCNC. That is how I can tell if it loaded correctly without actually trying it.

P1A-S pendant PathPilot driver Installation

1. Reboot and when you see the "TORMACH" splash screen, hold down the left SHIFT and ALT keys
to boot to desktop.
2. Copy and move following files to PathPilot PC under /home/operator


3. Double click Makefile, select Run. This will install vc-p1as to /usr/bin and
99-vistacnc-pendant.rules to /lib/udev/rules.d

4. Copy and move vc-p1as-pp.hal to /home/operator/tmc/configs/tormach_mill directory

5. Open and add following lines (in bold font) to tormach_1100-3.ini files (in
/home/operator/tmc/configs/tormach_mill directory):
HALFILE = my-mill.hal
HALFILE = custom.hal
HALFILE = vc-p1as-pp.hal
POSTGUI_HALFILE = custom_postgui.hal
HALUI = halui

6. The number of decimal digit to display and step size selections are defined in

Open and edit vc-p1as-pp.hal file.
#P1A-S pendant settings
#number of decimal digit to display on axis DRO,
#settable number:2,3,4
setp vc-p1as.decimal 3

#step size, set 0 to skip.
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-1 0.0001
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-2 0.001
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-3 0.01
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-4 0.1
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-5 1
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-6 10
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-7 0
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-8 0
setp vc-p1as.stepsize-9 0

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