conv_s32_u32 problem

28 Jun 2021 05:57 #213093 by rafferty
Replied by rafferty on topic conv_s32_u32 problem
I used count=1 rather than name="" because I couldn't come up with a better name than conv_s32_u32. As you say If I had used a name it would have worked but I'm sure it would have got me eventually. 

I've read the bit in the manuals about x_y_z becoming x-y-z and so on and thought:

"Yeah, Yeah, I don't need to know that, it's just what halcompile creates so gcc doesn't fall over on funny variable names."

With a couple of seconds more thought I might have realised ... if gcc is compiling the modules with these modified names, then maybe these are the names that should be used.

Anyway I've got it now, thanks.



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