Swapping the Max Velocity Slider for a Rapid Slider

02 Jun 2022 22:49 #244476 by snowgoer540
I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, finally got around to it today, so I thought I would share.

Tormach chose to use Max Velocity as a means to control the speeds of the machine rapids. The problem with this is that max velocity limits the velocity for all machine motion, not just rapids. This ends up becoming a bit unintuitive, and even in Tormach's own videos it's sometimes referred to as the Rapid slider. Further, most industrial machines (and I think every other GUI) provide Feed Rate, Rapid Rate, and Spindle speed overrides. I would posit that most CNC operators (especially the new ones Tormach sells to) don't know what max velocity is.

The take away here is that Max velocity also limits feed rates, making it difficult to only reduce rapid speeds without affecting the feed rate for tool in the cut. Using an 1100S3 as an example (Max Vel of 180ipm), if one were to set the Max Vel slider at 5%, they might think they are only reducing rapids, but they would also be limiting all feed moves to 9 ipm. At worst this might be the difference that means rubbing and work hardening stainless, etc. At best, it means constantly playing with the slider to try and lower rapid rates without affecting feed rates.

To fix it (Pathpilot 2 and up):

1. Press ctrl+alt+x to get a terminal window
2. Type mate-panel and press enter
3. Click on the file explorer icon in the tool bar (looks like a filing cabinet)
4. From the operator folder, look for the folder that is named the version you are currently running and open it
5. Navigate to the configs folder
6. Navigate to the common folder
7. Edit the following files:

Comment out the following line (by placing a # in front of it), or delete it and save:
setp tormach-console.0.rapid-override-scale 960

8. Navigate back to the version number folder, and enter the python folder
9. Edit the following file and save:

Change the following line
lcnc_apply_function=lambda value: self.command.maxvel(value * self.maxvel_lin / 100, value * self.maxvel_ang / 100)),

lcnc_apply_function=lambda value: self.command.rapidrate(value / 100)),

10. Navigate to the images folder
11. Replace the existing MAXVEL_100.jpg image with the one attached to this post
12. Reboot and enjoy the Rapid slider :)

Of course, all of this tinkering is "at your own risk", but it's pretty easy to undo if there are issues. If you get an error message saying the configuration could not be loaded, you probably have a typo somewhere, so be careful to follow the instructions closely.

Lastly, you'll have to do this every time you update.
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