Run from Here or run stop jog continue (RSJC)

04 May 2023 15:14 #270643 by Vmax549
I have completed a new RSJC function for PP.  It is a 2 step function F9 and F10.   When running a program and you need to PAUSE to check say the tool you would F9. That would feedhold the program , collect some restart data then Stop . From there you can do anything you need to include change tools replace inserts reset tool offsets etc etc. Then when you are ready to restart from where you left off issue a F10 . It will retract up to Zhome and wait for a CycleStart to proceed. From there it moves back to the restart positions in XY and lowers Z and continues the program run.

So what are YOUR requirements for  RFH . Do you want it to AUTO restart the coolant and spindle ??  Do you require something else ??? I would like your opinion (;-)

Most other commercial controllers require the OP to restart the spindle and coolant (Haas,Fanuc,etc) and some even allow you to plot your way out of the part to the clear areas away from the fixturing. Then will reverse the plot and allow the machine to go back to the part following the same path you used to jog clear.

I will post the code after a bit more testing to make sure I covered all the bases.

(;-) TP

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04 May 2023 21:17 #270675 by spumco

If this could be migrated to something other than PP I'd love it.

As for suggestions, mine is to have a screen prompt to restart spindle and coolant. i.e.
"Do you want to restart spindle" Y/N
"Do you want to restart coolant" Y/N

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05 May 2023 21:12 #270752 by Vmax549
I did some more testing one of the things tested was is it easier to answer the questions or just push 2 buttons. The screen messages you that you need to turn on the spindle /coolant if required so you would not forget.

You could also create a hotkey to turn on both with 1 keypress ???

The REAL question is how well does PP work with the RFH when using subs ??? IF it sees something it does not understand HOW does it react ?? error? stop?? Lets say that the sub routine is a probe function to set the center of a pocket based on the probing. So now the X/Y position is only KNOWN after the routine completes. The RFH routin is suppose to prerun the code to ensure it is in the right position for restart BUT if the position is not known until the sub actually runs how would RFH treat that. It should throw an error and stop BUT will it ??

(;-) TP

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