Load files with Barcode scanner

17 May 2023 05:37 - 17 May 2023 05:39 #271506 by Vmax549
I don't know how many would use but you can use a barcode scanner to load files in PP.  I bought a pair of USB scanners on Ebay for $25 . Downloaded the free Code39 barcode fonts online. Printed the label for a currently used file onto the job worksheet.

Plugged in the USB scanner. Loaded PP then goto the file page scanned the barcode and PRESTO CHANGEO the file loaded automatically.
On another controller I used this to load plasma cut files as we had many 100s of files with similar names so it was easy to make mistakes and the filenames were LONG in nature and easy to fat finger when typing so the barcode solved the problem of loading the wrong file by mistake.

Just a thought , (;-) TP

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17 May 2023 06:38 #271508 by rodw
Barcodes are cool. I use them a lot in my business for picking and shipping etc.
Now you have got a proof of concept you might like to upgrade your scanners. Zebra/Symbol LS2208 1D are quite good but the cordless DS2278 2D is way better. I can scan to the PC  from anywhere in my shop...
2D scanners take a photo and process the image so can scan off screens etc.
1D are purely reflective so paper based.

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17 May 2023 19:06 #271562 by Vmax549
No real need to expand the barcoding beyound a simple 1d solution that is hardwaired into PP. It is simply a way to automate loading a file into the Controller. I first used it with Sheetcam and running a plasma cutter. There were SO MANY files with similar names it was easy to misload the file and end up wasting time and material.

Sheetcam has a report modual that we used to create a Work sheet that could follow the Job Package. I modified it to create barcodes for the file name. Scanning barcodes at that time was mature and easily integrated into the work flow.

These days in PP I created a report modual based on the completed job. It parses info from the completed Gcode file things such as what tools are required for the job and when/where (line number) they are called. also extracts notes for setups and checkpoints for measurement checks,etc It is called into play with a hotkey and creates files that can be printed out from the controller

(;-) TP
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