Best Plasma source under 1k Eu.

16 Jul 2021 23:10 #215107 by shpatb
For everyone that is planning to build a table here are 2 plasma sources i have experience with and are awesome deal for what they offer in this price range:
comes with a cnc torch ready , has low interferences . A friend uses it and its worth every damn penny.
I use this one, does not come with a cnc torch , did cuts up to 16mm on cnc table with no problem at all.Needs a proper grounding as it produces more interferences than stamos.
kind regards 

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25 Jul 2021 23:35 #215913 by shpatb
On their official website , not a single word is added .Seen this machine pierce like 30-40 times and not fail for even once,accurate cutting everytime.

Anti-Interference Function:Problems with high frequency disturbances with CNC plasma stations from other manufacturers are commonplace. The high-frequency, high-pressure arc produces unavoidable interference. To eliminate this interference, and to ensure correct use and control of the device, the S-PLASMA 85CNC CNC inverter cutter from Stamos Germany features the latest technology. Thanks to its modern design, the CNC plasma cutter will avoid or reduce these defects. For this reason, this plasma cutter is impressive, especially in combination with a CNC device, with which it forms a perfect synergy. Since small disturbances can hamper the durability and functionality in the system,

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