blowback 120A hd torch

02 Sep 2021 08:48 - 02 Sep 2021 08:51 #219416 by vre
blowback 120A hd torch was created by vre
Im searching an HD 120A water cooled torch with blowback function.
hypertherm hpr130xd i know works with argon injection for pilot arc ignition i don't know if hpr130xd has blowback function or not
but i need blowback torch because my plasma (nertajet hp125) has not HF pilot arc.
Original torch ocp150 in page 8 says

The OCP torch is a Plasma Cutting Tool that must imperatively be mechanized. It is
designed to be connected connected to NERTAJET HP installations.
In a OCP torch an electrode is inserted with a shape suitable for plasmagene gas, selected
according to the application.

The electrode is fitted on a piston that is incorporated into the torch and controlled
The mechanical movement created by the piston makes it possible to put the electrode in
contact with the nozzle for a brief instant so as to strike the pilot arc.
The light beam obtained makes it possible to position the torch and detect the plate for
starting the cutting.
The torch-end receives a nozzle which, through the combined effect of the electric arc and
the plasmagene gas, forms plasma.
The resulting high temperatures melt the material which is to be cut (electricity conductor)
and the kinetic action of gas on it effects the cutting kerf.
 The numerous possible assemblies on OCP torches make them universal tools using
the very latest techniques for transferred plasma arc.

 The absence of high frequency to start the pilot arc makes it possible
to place with no risk the plasma cutting installation in spots that are
surrounded by electrical and computer equipment.
 Its structure consisting of a detachable torch body facilitates:
- maintenance operations,
- replacing expendable parts,
- changes in process.

So i suppose is blowback torch but the problem is that this torch does not cut with plain airso i need blowback hd torch that cuts with air
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14 Sep 2021 22:06 #220661 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic blowback 120A hd torch
Sorry for the late reply,
Even if you do find one with everything you are asking for, it still might not work, but then again it might work.
Not much experience with blowbacks although i do have a Hypertherm Max43 that is collecting dust, bought it used for 350 Euro with a messed up torch.
With HF/HV and HV pilot arc ones i had plenty of everything, even issues where a cable/torch works with one plasma cutter but does not with the other although they both have HV start, also have HF rated torch/cable that works perfectly with one HV start plasma while it does not work with two others.

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03 Oct 2021 02:00 #222068 by vre
Replied by vre on topic blowback 120A hd torch
Finally found how ocp150 works.
It has the electrode mounted on air piston which moved up/down
by soldenoid electrovalve.
So the electrode firstly was shorted to nozzle and when pilot arc requested
electrode moves up by air piston make gap between electrode-nozzle and arc ignites.
Something like blowback but more robust because electrode moved actively by separate air piston/air line/electric signal not from cutting gas passively..
Plasma generator has a 24V output that actuates the solenoid electrovalve.
So i plan to use this 24V output not actuating electrovalve
but an external HF/HV board like this
to generate the needed HF/HV for arc ignition.
Nozzle has 300VDC for pilot arc if i connect HV/HF output from separate HF/HV board to nozzle can the HF/HV damage the 300VDC nozzle line ?

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18 Jan 2022 01:00 #232204 by vre
Replied by vre on topic blowback 120A hd torch
To answer is here how to add hf/hv ignition
I know that hpr130xd is very good but costs about 2k euros

Exist some hf/hv HD torch in the 120A range with lower cost of torch snd spares?

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