DIY plasma table recommendations on design

11 Jul 2022 05:38 #247054 by pmaskale

I have been wanting to build a plasma table for a while. The table will be based around a heavy duty 2.5' X 5' outfeed table (dumpster find). 

My question is...

What do you think about running the gantry arm across the 5' section giving me 4+ feet of gantry. So the entire gantry arm would move back and forth 2.5' and the torch would run along the 4.5 foot gantry. This would allow me to put a 4x8 foot wide sheet in and cut all the way across the 4' length like a shear. I would need 2 ball screws down the 2.5 foot sides, and likely two servos, to keep it square. Working with only 2.5' stock widths seems like a significant limitation while cutting.

Do you see any other issues with this design? Has anyone done this(opinions)? Maybe worth it, or just overly complicated?

Thanks for the input

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11 Jul 2022 11:28 #247066 by tommylight
I always do small plasma machines with a wide gantry, 2 meter wide by 1 meter.
No screws for plasma, to slow and dust ruins them.
Also if it is your first machine, no servos, steppers are easier to shield from interference.
Have a look here for ideas:

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