Little cheap Laser engraver / cutter

16 Jul 2022 16:33 - 16 Jul 2022 16:36 #247480 by kallisti5
I'm getting a little cheap laser engraver and cutter.  It's primary software is LaserGRBL... but LaserGRBL isn't great on Linux.

Any chances of using LinuxCNC with the engraver?     I've been wanting to learn CNC for a while, and this seems like a great (cheap) place to start.   I have lots of 3d printer / gcode experience.

Opening LinuxCNC, I'm not even sure what profile to select 
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16 Jul 2022 16:50 #247481 by tommylight
With the built in controler there is no way of using it with LinuxCNC, well there is but not officialy.
Did you try LightBurn ? It has a limited free version for Linux.
Having said that, there is always ways of controlling machines with LinuxCNC, so changing the drives will make it possible to use it, there are plenty of lasers using it.
Laser itself is controled by a PWM signal, so it is easy to do. At least i think it is, no way of getting such a laser to play with, not yet.

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