Help configuring a Pendant

27 Dec 2021 01:26 #230039 by phillc54
Replied by phillc54 on topic Help configuring a Pendant
You don't need an "or2" when you use the GUI s external pins.

There are no GUI jog pins, jogging can be controlled by halui joint and axis pins.

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27 Dec 2021 05:58 #230046 by rodw
Replied by rodw on topic Help configuring a Pendant

rodw, could you please elaborate? I'm still on the steep side of the learning curve with all this (bit of information overload by adding a new to me OS on top of the software). I'm not sure how the "or2" component works.

Sounds like Phil has made it easy for you but:
or2 has to inputs or2.n.in0 and or2.n.in1, and one output or2.n.out
So you connect two pins to in0 and in2
If one of them or the other goes true (or both), out will go true.
That way, 2 outputs attached to the in pins can control a single function.

The other alternative is to add additional logic to the screen handler which is the path Phil has taken.

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10 Jan 2022 00:37 #231273 by Jflesburg
Thanks all who have read through this.  I still haven't quite figured out how do what I hope to do, but so far, the software does an amazing job at working exactly as expected.  Thanks to all and especially all those who made QtPlasmaC what it is today.

I'm still not getting just how to make my pendant do things that I wish it to do, It does allow me to move to a position and start the G-Code program from wherever I move the torch head via the pendant.

My work-around has been to simply make my jog speeds match that of my jog speeds set in QtPlasmaC, (but I wish they were dynamic and one in the same).

My request would be to somehow provide hooks from the QtPlasmaC to access or use the on-screen jog speeds from the pendant.

I have no idea of how to make these into external pins, nor can I figure out where the HMI screens are or what inputs are used via the keyboard.

Thanks again for making this software available for free!  It works far beyond my expectations when I built my machine.  I only wish I would have completed my project long ago.  My very first cuts were usable parts that far exceeded my expectations as I used to cut all these parts out by hand (and I never had a very steady hand).

Thanks Once again,

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29 Jan 2022 23:43 #233502 by Jflesburg
I'm still working on this. Are projects ever really done? Anyway, I thought I would change from the cheap-o USB Game controller to a more standard "Logitech Gamepad F310". In the process, I've run into a hurdle I cant seem to get across.

I've changed the xxx.hal file to use the "F310" device, and I altered all of the lines in the custom_postgui.hal file, but I can't get qtplasmac to run using the F310. I comment out the old lines, but the response remains that the new values are unrecognized pins. I used the values from loadusr halmeter, but I seem to be getting nowhere. The last thing that I can think of (that I haven't yet tried) is to run the configuration script using the new game controller as I didn't want to overwrite my XXX.hal file. Does the configuration script save some file somewhere if using an external USB pendant?


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30 Jan 2022 05:25 #233515 by cmorley
Replied by cmorley on topic Help configuring a Pendant
The is a way to access Qtplasmac's handler code from an external program using ZMQ messages. (if you set the options screenoptions)
I have only barely tried this on my Lathe using panelui.
I actually don't remember if I incorporated all the code changes.

It would be cutting edge work so may not be for the newest member.
We might need to make a halui-ish that uses ZMQ for communicating to out GUIs.
halui is a bit limiting, particularly if talking jogging.

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