OxyFuel/Flame cutting machine controlling

11 Oct 2022 15:31 #253965 by rajsekhar
I am under process of installing a Oxy-fuel/flame cutter. I have plan to add plasma to it as well, i.e flame cutter+plasma in one machine.

Boards used: 7i92+7i76+7i84+THCAD10+ THCAD5

For the plasma, I will use PlasmaC preferably mode 1.

Now I am confused for the oxyflame. I thought to use plasmaC mode2 with two non contact sensors to maintain the torch height from plate for up-down signals and another non contact sensor for floating switch. But not sure if that will work or not. In addition, the flame heating and piercing (Z axis movements are there) to be done, is it possible with plasmaC?

I am ready to welcome any other solutions with using or without using PlasmaC.

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12 Oct 2022 00:06 #253990 by tommylight
Oxy/acetylene cutting requires:
-preheating, adjustable timer would be nice, from 5 to 30 minutes range in 5 minute increments for smaller tables, 2 hours for big tables
-valve control for the cutting oxygen/ high pressure
-slow plunge towards material when the cutting oxygen is on to do the piercing
Although all that can be done manually.
PlasmaC is not suited for this as it probes for material at the start of cut so that will extinguish the oxy torch.
Not using M3 will skip that, but then the THC will not be active and no manual adjustments can be made.
Etc, etc.
Also, oxy does not need to be very precise, even a 1cm difference in height usually is not noticeable at all on the cut while with the bigger torches and nozzles it is even less important.
And oxy cutting is really slow, so there is always time to correct things, even manually ...

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12 Oct 2022 03:11 #253997 by rajsekhar
Torch height control is required for quality cutting edges. In addition, plates come upto 2.5m in wide and 6.3m long. There is waviness in the plates and THC is very helpful to counter those.

regarding intial probing in PlasmaC, I can manage with a 200mm range non-contact digital output sensor as float switch. That will enable to probe without torch tip touching the material.

All delay and Z movements can be generated in Sheetcam, I have the option to generate custom post-processor.

But question is: Can machine perform Z axis movements like normal XYZ configuration with plasmaC?
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