Z axis command in PlasmaC

16 Oct 2022 15:55 #254238 by rajsekhar
I want to clear my confusion over the Z axis movement in PlasmaC.

I am trying a oxyfuel flame cutting system. Now with sheetcam post, z axis commands are well generated in gcode file for preheating, piercing by wigling, cutting.

But can those Z axis motions be carried out in PlasmaC??

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16 Oct 2022 16:17 #254240 by snowgoer540
If you intend to solely use the G-Code for Z movements, then yes, you can use this:

This will make the system work similar to a router table.  Meaning you will have to manually set Z zero, and you will have no cut height control throughout the cut.  Like I say, every Z movement needs to be controlled via G-Code.

You will not be able to use the M3 command as it will cause PlasmaC to probe for Z height.  I am am pretty unfamiliar with mechanized oxyfuel cutting, so I don't know what all the requirements are, I would imagine you light the torch prior to running the G-Code.  I only say that because if not, you will need to find another way to trigger the whatever outputs are necessary.  

Hope that helps.

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17 Oct 2022 15:03 #254332 by rajsekhar
Replied by rajsekhar on topic Z axis command in PlasmaC
Thanks for the reply.

Basically, oxyfuel requires the following:
1. Start the flame (similar to arc ok, a digital output flame sensor may be used).
2. Sense the top of job (similar to triggering float switch, a non-contact switch of 200mm sensing distance digital output type).
3. Then move z to preheat height and wait untill preheat delay is over.
4. Start cutting oxygen. One M-code is required to open the solenoid valve and maintain it open.
5. Piercing is done. 
6. Move torch to cutting height.
7. X-Y movement starts. THC should start here and maintain the cutting height. Usually a capacitive THC is used. 
8. At the end of cut, torch moves to rapid rapid height.
9. One M code close the cutting oxygen valve.

Now, the plasma interface gives the ready option of torch height control, so it is preferred.

Is it possible to use THC without plasma interface??

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17 Oct 2022 22:24 #254370 by phillc54
Replied by phillc54 on topic Z axis command in PlasmaC
There are two THC components currently available, one is for THCAD and the other for external THC controllers:
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