Probe Basic Help Queries Please Start Here!

11 Nov 2021 05:41 #226068 by Lcvette
Hey All,

Many of the questions we get are difficult to answer without certain information about your installation.  To better help you and to get help faster it is in your best interest to copy, paste and supply answers to the following information in your thread.

-  What Linux OS being used including kernel type?

-  What version of Linuxcnc is installed?

-  What version of QtPyVCP and Probe Basic is installed?

-  How did you install Probe Basic? Quickstart guide? Dev Guide? 

-  Have you gone through your ini and hal files and compared to the sim config files to make any changes needed?

-  Have you added all of the necessary files in your config folder that probe basic needs to run?

-  Have you tested the sim version to see if the problem exists there also? (if the sim functions properly, it is a good indicator your issue is in your config)

-  Add specific details and circumstances surrounding the issue or your question.  The more details the better!

If you copy and paste this into your thread topic I suspect your resolution will either be found on your own or you will receive much quicker answers instead of a series of additional questions!

Thanks for helping us help you! 

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