Probe Basic/QtPyVCP - change colors?

12 Mar 2022 17:52 #237010 by spumco
I'm (still) having some issues with the Probe Basic GcodeEditor display.  [MX21, Lcnc 2.9, PB py3, QTPyVCP master]

As can be seen in the attached screenshots, if I select a light desktop theme, the selected line of text in the GcodeEditor has black highlighting. Note that this screenshot was using the 'best' MX theme; all others were completely unreadable.

Alternatly, if I select a dark theme, the alternating 'ribbons' in the file display windows become unreadable.  If I select a line the active line turns blue and is readable, but every other line is obscured by the background.

I believe this is a result of using MX21 Linux and not a bug in Probe Basic or QtPyVCP; I just don't know what to do about it.  I've tried all the MX themes available but there's nothing that sorts this out.

I've also not been able to figure out how to change the PB ui widget colors in QTDesigner.  There is no 'stylesheet' associated with the GcodeEditor widget and no amount of inexpert hunting around had revealed any setting, file, field, or anything else that affects the text display.

Can anyone point me to a location in Probe Basic, or QT Designer, or MX, or somewhere I can change the text background(s)?


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21 Mar 2022 07:30 #237886 by tommylight
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