QtPyVCP - tutorial - can't get back to teleop mode after ng file opened

21 Mar 2022 16:37 - 21 Mar 2022 17:59 #237942 by tripwire
Well, the subject pretty much sums up the problem. I followed the tutorial on qtpyvcp.com and created the Basic VCP. It all works except after I open (and optionally run) a gcode file, the motion mode (I've got a StatusLabel checking status:motion_mode) changes to "Coord" and I can't get out of that (back to "Free" or "Teleop") in order to jog.

I've checked everywhere for a solution but haven't yet succeeded. Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

I'm close to solving the issue. Linuxcnc has what's called motion_mode which is one of "Coord", "Free" or "Teleop".
But there is another set of machine modes, task_mode, which is one of "Manual", "Auto" and "MDI".

(Maybe some guru can explain to me what the differences in the 2 modes are and how/if they overlap.)

I couldn't find a way to set the machine to "Teleop" mode, which allows jogging, but I found I could set the actionName property of an ActionButton to machine.mode.manual. This allows jogging!

To do: set things up so that switching to the jogging tab automatically sets the task_mode to manual....
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