3D probe + electric tool setter together in PB

14 May 2023 06:12 #271331 by merongi
I have Normally Open 3D probe and Normally Open electric tool setter linked below and I connected them in a way that both changes PROBE_IN value from HIGH to LOW when they're triggered and I used inversion in HAL to make them work with probe routine.


I can use probe routine to detect corner edge or tool setter routine but I'm not sure how would PB figures out stock zero with these two sensors.

Based on my reading of the forum, PB is designed that tool touch off is measured from reference of spindle nose which doesn't change (except you change spindle position in Z clamp.). So you put Z position of the trip point of tool setter on Spindle Zero and PB figures out tool length from the spindle reference.

But how does PB know 3D probe length? Since both tool setter probe and 3D probe have trigger point after some pressure, if I put 3D probe and use tool setter routine, I think 3D probe will trigger before tool setter, where if I use cutter, tool setter will trigger and there will be difference between those two trip points. I wonder what's the procedure to follow for this.

Thanks for the all helps!


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14 May 2023 16:20 #271349 by Lcvette
the way i prefer to do this is to use the tool setter to measure a face mill or other similar facing tool, with that tool now loaded and the tool offset active, face a piece of stock with the tool and without moving in z axis from the faced surface height, set the work offset for z to zero. now unload the facing tool and load the touch probe tool with a 0.000 tool offset length. use the probe position function in the probe screen and probe the faced surface. the probed z height will be the distance the spindle nose was away from the part when the touch probe triggered. enter that number in the touch probe's tool length offset, save the table and reload the table. now reload the touch probe in the spindle and probe the surface again with probe position mode active. the probed position should be 0.0000 since the probes offset is applied.

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