Display message in dialog box on gpio

24 Jan 2022 12:17 - 25 Jan 2022 06:54 #232952 by ikkuh
Great to have this working now. When there is no pressure from the spindle water cooling pump the machine will turn off when it was on, then a blocking dialog box will show on the screen. Nothing works until the error is fixed.
By turning the machine off the spindle will stop too.

(did I ever mention the editor of the forum software totally sucks?)


MESSAGE_BOLDTEXT = Water pomp staat uit
MESSAGE_TEXT = De waterkoeling pomp van de spindle staat uit of werkt niet meer.
MESSAGE_DETAILS = Na oplossen van de fout verdwijnt deze boodschap vanzelf
MESSAGE_TYPE = nonedialog
MESSAGE_PINNAME = no-coolant

loadrt or2 names=tool_probe,vacuumOr2,machineOnOr2
addf tool_probe servo-thread
addf vacuumOr2 servo-thread
addf machineOnOr2 servo-thread

net btn-pwr       <= input.0.btn-top2                => machineOnOr2.in0
net coolant-pump  <= [HMOT](CARD0).7i84.0.0.input-00 => machineOnOr2.in1

net pwr-btn toggle2Power.in machineOnOr2.out qtdragon.no-coolant

net tog-on  toggle2Power.is-on <=  halui.machine.is-on => [HMOT](CARD0).gpio.037.out

net pwr-on  halui.machine.on   <= toggle2Power.on
net pwr-off halui.machine.off  <= toggle2Power.off
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