Status Slider Update

04 May 2022 01:09 - 04 May 2022 01:12 #241961 by LearningLinuxCNC

I made a change to the StatusSlider code that I thought might be useful to others. I added another property called "slider_output_enabled" this is a boolean that disables the output from the slider. Then the slider becomes more of an indicator instead of an input.

The reason I did this is because in the operator console that I am using (a Tormach touchscreen operator console) there are physical pots for adjusting feed rate override, spindle override and max velocity override. With both these knobs and the sliders providing feedback to the override setting it was confusing. After this change the knobs for the pots are the input and the slider is an indicator.

If you think this is valuable I can put it up on github. Let me know where I should put it. It has been a minute since I last contributed on github so I forget the process.

I am working in 2.8.2 if that matters.



P.S. there are other things that I can contribute to integrate the Tormach console as well. I will need to polish them up but I have it all working pretty well now.
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04 May 2022 01:37 #241963 by cmorley
Replied by cmorley on topic Status Slider Update
yes I would be interested. github is nice or a patch.

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