Error after simple update....

04 Aug 2023 22:26 #276939 by Roguish
been a while since I've updated, and lots of qtvcp changes....

running QTDragon.   now my config is called    dragon.    but it's a simple copy over of qtdragon.
did a deb update with Seb's latest.     linuxcnc-uspace_2.10.0~pre0.1767.g47129d147_amd64.deb

copied the qtdragon.ui and handler file to my local and renamed them  dragon  (just removed the qt)

startup  linuxcnc  with dragon.ini   in a cmd window and it flames.....see the picture attached here.
note my side panel that used to work perfectly....
now when I touch the abort or retry button, the side panel disappears.....   not good.  I need it.

first, what's that error, and how do I fix it?   
see down at line 736 in the runtime error file.... what's that error?   is it the same???
and why the heck do I continuously get a stream of 'Could not create pixmap from :/images/images/brushed_metal.png'
where do they all come from and how do I fix 'em ????

little help would be great.   if more files or pictures would help, just let me know and I'll get them...



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05 Aug 2023 05:07 #276970 by cmorley
I pushed a fix for the error message.
The pixmap is used on the settings page - you could remove it if you like, but it might be fixed just because of the other fix.

So pull in the fix and see what's left.

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05 Aug 2023 23:17 #277068 by Roguish
Chris, thanks
that fixed most of it. definitely the error message and side panel crash.
the background image is odd. I think there may be some inconsistency in the .ui file and how the background is applied, and the .qss file.
I found that if I copied the .qss file and then selected it with F12, the background is ok.
so no big deal right now.
I am going to write a simple script to copy and rename what I need whenever I update, then I will just have to do the F12 thing....

by the way, Seb's buildbot2 handled your push and made a set of debs today, the 5th. very handy.
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