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27 Apr 2014 22:07 - 27 Apr 2014 22:09 #46377 by Sterling
Thanx to everybody that helped me, especial Mr. "BigJohnT"~!

If it is the wrong area, I apologize! I looked, but did not see a section in the forums where we could show some of our work and so I'm going to do it here. (If it needs to be moved/deleted I'll understand)

So: While I was with our tax prep company, he asked me if I could make a cribbage board for their lobby. I agreed, and as we discussed things, it turned out they wanted a table with their name on it.

So, I found an 8' piece of Red Oak, and after a couple weeks this was the end result.

I used QCAD to program the edges, holes, squares, and the 'directional arrows' at the top of the board.
(the arrows are hard to see...but they are on either side of the letter 'M').

I cannot recall exactly why, but I didn't like the way the letters were coming out in QCAD. So, I ended up making them in INKSCAPE, exporting them out to an SVG file then making them in (I lined them up by placing a point of reference on the QCAD file)

I used acrylic paint and coated it with a spray-on polyurethane.

With my 50th birthday a couple weeks away, I guess you *can* teach an old dog new tricks... B)
...I have not been this nervous or excited about a new career in a LONG time!!

Thanx again~!

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28 Apr 2014 04:21 #46390 by BigJohnT
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Looking Good Serling!

BTW, I made a forum for this after seeing your post.

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