2 LinuxCNC machines

19 Oct 2018 01:14 #119044 by blazini36
I'm pretty sure LinuxCNC can do just about anything. I've got 2 current works in progress:

My mill, a PM25MV runs a 7i76e and 8i20 to control the BLDC spindle motor. Gmoccapy with touch probe and a couple of GUI mods.

I use the mill to prototype parts for things like this:

It's a viewing system that basically takes synchronized pictures of that moving web of paper coming off the printing press. This allows viewing of the web as if it were standing still when in reality it's moving very fast. Running a custom GUI and program under LinuxCNC. Still a work in progress but it's coming along nicely. Sooner or later I'll be rebuilding the GUI in something newer than GTK2. I'd like to use GTK3 but it seems that QT is further along, yet I know nothing about QT at the moment.
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