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07 Feb 2023 16:24 - 07 Feb 2023 16:28 #263956 by Ratchet
Hi guys,

I'm an OpenCN developer working at the HEIG-VD.

Small post to let you know that OpenCN is not dead and we are still working on it as the project comes in.
We do use it mostly for research purpose as it's highly customizable for our need.
We are happily running a 3axis milling machine and we are working on implementing a 5 axis machine on a Micro5 from Factory5.
We are looking forward to manage a bigsize CoreXY 3D printer (700x700x700mm print size).
We are still working on the documentation to make it more user-friendly.

Small answer from the different reply I've saw : 
 - OpenCN is not a fork of LinuxCNC by the mean of git. We still did take lot of idea we liked like the HAL.
 - Minimum x86 spec : Depends on the optimization speed you like, we didn't done extensive test of stability on this hardware : use E1001 card for EtherCAT output (
Also prefer quad-core with high frequency for speedy optimization.
 - We only support EtherCAT fieldbus for now
 - We are using IgH EtherCAT master v1.5.2 ( with some patches
 - From test we've done we had no trouble with EtherCAT stability at 10kHz over long period ( 8-9 hours) on 2 Triamec TSD80 drive on 3 axis machine. Maybe using Xenomai asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) for hard real time on a isolated core was worth the investment.
 - Optimization is done offline (calculated on userspace, non RT side)

For information, we do not have an assigned "community manager" for OpenCN so very sorry for the late reply... I'll try to come back to this post if anyone as some questions, I'll happily try to give an answer :)
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