4x8 Plasma Table

03 Jul 2020 13:28 #173523 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic 4x8 Plasma Table

A Triumph Bonneville.

The record braking one ? :)
How old ?
I have a Yamaha XS500 from 1976, love the damn thing and it has put the Yamaha FZ750 i also have out of use.

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03 Jul 2020 13:36 #173524 by phillc54
Replied by phillc54 on topic 4x8 Plasma Table
Nah, it's a 2012. I had a BMW R1100RT before that but after my first heart attack I lost a lot of strength and I dropped it a couple of times in my garage so I needed something a bit lighter and closer to the ground. It is a fun bike to ride.
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08 Nov 2020 19:08 #188682 by Combi
Replied by Combi on topic 4x8 Plasma Table
Hello CBEAR,

i really like the design of your Plasma Table. First time i saw it was on Instagram :P, had to save it and couple of day later i saw your post here. I am planning to build a Plasmatable too and was looking for ideas, also i don`t wanted to burn to much money so i wanted to learn from the failurs of others^^
Do you mind copy parts of it for myself? ^^ It`s looks stable. My father owns his metal-workshop and we thought about building a plasma table. I am a precision mechanic from germany, i am working mostly on CNC milling machines 5 Axis (DMU50) and just trying to get into linuxcnc and the basic knowledge.

What Racks and motors did you used?

The thing near your Plasma torch is an engraving pen? You use it with the air cylinder?

How did you mounted the X-Axis? (pic attached)
Or did you used a Al-profile?

Do you also use a floating head? Mind taking one or two closer pics of you Z-Axis?
Also would nice if you could upload a video of your machine when it`s working.

hope to hear from you soon, will clearly look deeper in your project :)

greetings from germany

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10 Nov 2020 12:50 #188864 by CBEAR
Replied by CBEAR on topic 4x8 Plasma Table
Happy to help out. I used 570oz nema 23 motors with a 3:1 reduction drive from a company that I wouldn't recommend going through. If I were you, I would buy the 3:1 reduction drives from cncrouterparts.com. I ordered a heavy duty gear rack and some expensive thk rails off of different websites from companies that ship from the U.S. I purchased the extrusion for the gantry from tnutz.com, along with a lot of the hardware. The long extrusion on the side was purchased form a local industrial company called minitech automation. They make assembly lines for plants and ship their products worldwide. They are actually a German based company, so you may be in luck there. They are expensive, but well worth the money.

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