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I only have one smart serial card to test with ( 7i73 ) if anyone wanted to play with this and give me feedback. Two of the above prototypes (I only need one) as seen / tested in the above photos and video are available Free of charge just email me a prepaid postage label. I only ask that you are familiar with linuxcnc and smart serial daughter cards enough to put this to use and give feedback. If you have a variety of Mesa smart serial cards on hand to test with that would be good to
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14 Apr 2023 21:35 #269036 by blazini36
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I've got a few Mesa Smart serial cards, not sure I have any time to test though these things have been in drawers for years.

Regarding your ESD protection, I designed a carrier for a DE10 Nano for Machinekit years ago that had smart serial and I used some TVS diodes on the lines. This was like the first PCB I ever designed so take it with a grain of salt but IIRC everything worked pretty well including SS. github.com/ShadeTechnik/socfpga-developement-OSHW

I pretty much dropped that thing when I realized MK was a bust.

You can see there I'm using a tranciever. The dual inverters are used as a level shifter which is a trick I think PCW gave me.
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