Preparation for the self-construction of a carousel changer

06 Dec 2022 16:27 - 06 Dec 2022 16:28 #258717 by mgm
Now I have changed the hal to two directions ( dir=2)

this is now the final version of my carousel hal:

# hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.output-13        Relay Motor on/off
# hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.output-14        Relay Motor direktion
# hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.output-15        Relay Motor on/off  

loadrt carousel pockets=15 dir=2 encoding=BCD num_sense=4
loadrt conv_float_s32    

addf conv-float-s32.0          servo-thread
addf carousel.0                servo-thread

setp carousel.0.fwd-dc 0.025
setp carousel.0.rev-dc 0.025

net car-enable     carousel.0.enable      
net car-pos-req   motion.analog-out-00 
net car-pos-s32   conv-float-s32.0.out      carousel.0.pocket-number

net car-ready     carousel.0.ready

#assign to turret rotate motor relay
net car-fwd      carousel.0.motor-fwd =>    hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.output-13
net car_rev      carousel.0.motor-rev       hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.output-14
net car_rev      hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.output-15

#digital inputs assign BCD switches
net bit0         carousel.0.sense-0        hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.input-19-not
net bit1         carousel.0.sense-1        hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.input-20-not
net bit2         carousel.0.sense-2        hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.input-21-not
net bit3         carousel.0.sense-3        hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.input-23-not

#Strobe input
net car_rad      carousel.0.strobe   <=    hm2_7i76e.0.7i84.0.1.input-22-not
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