Seeking some help in finding cause of Linuxcnc freezing

26 May 2022 12:41 #243890 by Apollo
Dear All,

Here's a happy person, as I solved the issue! After another 'n' attempts in trying different combinations of DIMM's I finally gave up on this possible cause and tried the suggestion made by arvidb. I first went for the simple trial without connecting via another pc and as he already predicted no log was written which I could access in a next start-up.

Then, in a final desperate attempt, I borrowed an old graphics card from my son's old gaming PC. This is an msi-GeForce gtx 750 Ti. I exchanged it for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti had installed in the pc up to that moment. This immediately solved the problem! I haven't changed anything to the software (same driver as before).

I have seen the suggestion that when the mouse pointer can still be moved on the screen by moving the mouse this probably implies that the graphics card + driver are probably not the issue. After reading this myself I also focused on other hardware such as the DIMM modules. I would like to make a remark here that in my case (statistical population = 1...) I was still able to move the pointer around with the mouse, while the complete rest of the system became non-responsive. However changing the graphics card did solve my problem. Maybe this helps for others who try to solve a similar issue and currently exclude the graphics card due to the fact that the pointer arrow can still be moved around by moving the mouse.

I would like to thank you all for your suggestions, even though in the end the issue turned out to be something else than discussed. Getting feedback in these issues via a forum really helps in keeping the confidence that in the end it can be solved. Also the knowledge that others run into these issues as well is sort of "comforting".
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27 May 2022 12:27 #243983 by andypugh
If you want to do Science try putting the first graphics card back in and see if the problem comes back. It _might_ have been a bad contact in the card connector...

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