Myford Super 7 Lathe CNC Conversion anyone?

30 Jan 2017 12:04 #86957 by andypugh

I just measured the distance you asked for, it is 10mm from the hole centre to bottom of the cross slide. In my second photo there are 2 bolt holes, these are used to mount the original screw extension and the hand wheel.

To keep the same hole centres that means a maximum diampeter of 20mm for the ballnut. (Technically that would be a "fit" but you can easily grind a slight flat on the nut)
Looking through the GTEN catalogue (Which I downloaded from my preferred vendor of ballscrews )
I see that there is a 12mm nut with a 20mm body: FSD-12-2-04
This has a flange with 4 holes. The holes almost certainly don't match the mounting holes on the Myford saddle, but an adaptor plate could be made, I imagine. (Or extra holes could be drilled and tapped into the casting)

Having the ballnut point back towards the operator is likely to reduce the cross-slide travel. Can you afford that?

Do you have a CAD model of the Myford arrangement by any chance?

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30 Jan 2017 13:12 #86963 by racedirector
Caught me before I went to bed (midnight here is Aus)

Thanks for looking that up, sound like just the ticket. More thought tonight on the subject of nut location had me thinking the back of the saddle/cross slide would be better, then the screw would stick out further in the back than the front. More thought is obviously needed.

No, unfortunately no cad model. Might see if I can knock one up in Fusion 360 so I can play with things.

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