How to find the right Step Time/Step Space?

11 Sep 2021 20:49 - 11 Sep 2021 20:51 #220256 by Twizzlermill

I'm afraid this will be just (another) one of many questions I have.

I've got steppers with integrated drivers (JMC) which are not on the list for stepper drive timing(This one: ).  What I found what I think might be related (but what I admittedly don't really understand well) is this:

b. t2: DIR must be ahead of PUL active edge by 6μs to ensure correct
c. t3: Pulse width not less than 2.5μs;
d. t4: Low level width not less than 2.5μs.

"PUL" and "Pulse" mean Step/STP here.

The Intro to the Stepper Drive Time list says this:

If your unsure about your drive timing start high like 10000 for each and test.

Fair enough, but honestly, I have no idea what Step Time and Step Space even mean exactly, or, more practical, how they influence my machine's behavior and what to look for. 

Same goes for the other two parameters, Direction hold and setup. I have a vague idea what it's about but maybe it's just too abstract for me.

The list also mentions Falling and Rising Edge. I understand on a basic level what it is, but I don't understand the ramifications of choosing one or the other. I can change rising/falling edge on my driver via DIP switch.

I must say, while it was a glorious feeling to see the router move on its own for the first time today, I also realized how much I still need to figure out (like a whole other topic is getting my two y-axis motors to move… But that's for another day I guess)

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11 Sep 2021 22:08 #220264 by PCW
I would set the setup and hold times to 10000.
This is 10 us, ample margin relative to the
drives 6 us specification.

Initially I would set the step time and step space to
5000 (5 us), double the drives 2.5 us minimum limits.
The only reason to reduce these times is if you cannot
reach the desired speed with 5 us/5us timings (100 KHz)

I would leave the drive with rising edge trigger
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11 Sep 2021 22:53 #220266 by Twizzlermill
Quick and to the point, thank you 

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