any examples of adding pendant or handwheel

22 Nov 2011 18:30 #15025 by cncbasher
Hi ,
i know glade is new and in it's infant stages , but has anyone implemented on screen menu / display for a pendant or using Handwheels

reason i ask is i am looking for guidance on 2 related aspects , using a onscreen display of a pendant from within glade
and interfacing 2 encoder handwheels for x & z axis , with the facility of an onscreen toggle button to switch between standard mode and velocity mode of the handwheels
this expanding it's use to a manual lathe ( or mill for that matter ) sort of fly by wire ! .

and anyone implemented this ?
or any examples , while i brush up on gladevcp ?

any thoughts welcome too

i was also thinking does Gladevcp have the ability to hide a panel and pop up on a keypress perhaps


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