First start with Glade, please advise programming editor for Python

19 Dec 2020 10:59 - 19 Dec 2020 14:25 #192446 by aleksamc
I've installed succesfully glade3 and want to create custom GUI interface.
Initaly I use Tutorial from Gnipsel
I don't know, if it's modern at the end of 2020s, hope it's good.
I try to write first python program. I use default Geany editor from the box to program.
But it's very unconvinient to use classes. For example in tutorial goes such text
"self.builder.connect_signals(self)". How autothor know what to write. Possibly he used some more sophisticated programming editors for programming Python.

What programming editor can you advice?
May be I go in wrong old way so for creating GUI I need to use another program or tutorials?

After some time:
geany is also IDE so I found at internet how to configure it. It changes colors and I can compile and run code from it.
Very simple editor.
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