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25 Mar 2021 04:07 #203573 by Nico2017
Lissajous graphs was created by Nico2017
Hi all,

this is more a proposal for the development of a custom widget in glade.

It would be a Lissajous 2D graph, so pretty much the current available plot/graphs widget but instead of time on the X axis, you could define another input from another .hal pin. One of the parameter for the widget would be the length of the tail of the curve to display over time (one sample, so one point per time step) and a background grid either Cartesian or Polar.

This could be useful sometimes to draw plots in this configuration. I am thinking for motors when you got torque and velocity information, you could quickly analyse in which quadrant the motor is : motor or generator. That could also be used to represent X and Y motion coordinates without gremlin or could be complementary to gremlin. Last in my case, I was thinking to use it as I have to work with some trigonometric parameters.

I might try to get into about how to implement a new glade widget for the linuxcnc library, but if someone knows how to do it rapidly, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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26 Mar 2021 22:18 #203756 by newbynobi
Replied by newbynobi on topic Lissajous graphs
I like the idea of a graph, so we would be able to record spindle time with rpm on Y and time on x etc.

I made several widgets, like. Speedcontrol, Combidro etc. You can use each of them to check the code and you will need to add the names to be imported correctly to two files. When I am back on a PC I would also be able to name both files


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