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15 Dec 2021 15:24 #229136 by wang
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I have an Ethercat to modbus (RS485) module I want to use in a linuxcnc system. I configured the XML file but cannot enter the OP state.
Below is the official XML description of the device
Warning: Spoiler!

Below is my XML file

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File Name: MTC_5AXIS.xml
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The following is a description of this device
Warning: Spoiler!

Entered SAEFOP

still have a question
How should I send a message to the serial port through ethercat, and how to read it at the same time?
Do I still need to use ethercat command in linuxcnc?
For example
ethercat download -t uint16 0x7000 01 1
ethercat upload -t uint16 0x6000 01

Summarize a total of two questions
①Ethercat to serial device cannot enter OP state
②What method should be used to assign value to ethercat pdos in linuxcnc, is it the ethercat instruction?

Thank you for your patience, if you can make suggestions I will be very grateful


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15 Dec 2021 15:28 #229137 by wang
Replied by wang on topic Ethercat to modbus
After writing the xml file, when I open linuxcnc, the other axis drives all enter the OP state, but this Ethercat to serial port cannot enter the OP but enters SAEFOP

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