EtherCAT and Rexroth Servodrives Issues / help needed

18 Sep 2022 20:08 - 22 Sep 2022 04:47 #252296 by jc2ktr
i have a little problem with my CNC Machine. A couple of weeks ago died my old Harddrive from my LinuxCNC Machine, where the EtherCAT-BUS, LinuxCNC and the connected peripherals Worked without issues.

So i bought an SSD , mounted it and restored the supposedly working backup from my old Machine.

There my problems began, the Machine didn´t boot, all attempts to recover it failed ;( .
I only was able to recover the config files from it. After installing LinuxCNC on Debian 11 and the EtherCAT-Master from the Pinned Forum thread and copying my config to the PC. I noticed that the PC freezes randomly, my Servodrives then show me the "F4009 Busausfall" Errormessage, sometimes it is after 1 minute and sometimes after 2 hours. The PC must then be restarted by pulling the Power plug, because it reacts to no input from mouse or keyboard.

The old config used the EtherCAT SOE Profile for my Rexroth servodrives  due to the lack of support from COE from Rexroth side since now.
Now they Support COE and i try to build a Config from scratch, but i don´t get it to work correct.

I can start the machine, the drive (for testpurpose only one drive is connected) will be configured and is then ready to enable. The Position feedback is displayed Correctly and when i turn the shaft of the servo the readout changes correctly. 

But i can´t enable the drive to lock the shaft and jog it around. 

when i do a sudo dmesg following is printed:

Warning: Spoiler!

I´ve added my config in a .rar file, i think it is a configuration error or something, but i don´t know what the dmesg output is trying to tell me.

thanks for the help

Update 22.09.2022

I´ve added the indradrive_pdo_config.xml to configure the drive at startup
and the ethercat_rexroth.xml with the pdo config 


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