Ethercat and Delta ASD B3-E

06 Feb 2023 03:39 #263789 by gchesney
I was able to get the PDO's and CIA402 working on my ASDA-B3-E servo drive without changing any PDO mappings on the drive or in the linuxcnc-ethercat HAL driver. Additionally I was also able to reproduce a similar output in ASDA-Soft as you showed in your original screenshot. To reproduce the error I changed the bitLen value of the pdoEntry object to the wrong value in my xml and ASDA-Soft gave me a very similar error. The only difference that I could see is that you are using the "0x1A01" TxPDO Mapping index and I was using the "0x1A00" TxPDO index. Here are my working configs and some relevant pages from the manual if you want to take a look:

*Other note: Check which version of the manual you are using since the first version that comes up on google is old and is missing the entire section on EtherCat (The manual version I am using is: DELTA_IA-ASD_ASDA-B3_UM_EN_20220505).
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