ETHERCAT Panasonic A6 Servo and Parallel Port

17 Jan 2023 06:59 - 17 Jan 2023 07:00 #262215 by marq_torque
Hello Everyone,

I'm currently trying to setup Panasonic A6 Absolute Servo on ETHERCAT, I'm completely noob in ETHERCAT world, i have few questions as below
1) Can ETHERCAT and Parallel port be used in same setup?

2) I want to setup multiple spindles, is it possible to use ETHERCAT to communicate all VFD?

3) Is it possible to communicate Servo + VFD on ETHERCAT?

4) I'm using Absolute Servo, How to calibrate/Home store home location adjust all parameters?

5) Is there any step by step guide for ETHERCAT setup which can be helpful?

6) Is it necessary to use ETHERCAT module for IO? Can I use parallel port??

May be my questions sound stupid but ignore my brevity.

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17 Jan 2023 12:36 #262228 by tommylight
Moved to "EtherCat" section.
To get things going:
1. Yes
2. Dont know...
It can do multiple spindles/VFD, but i do not know if it is possible to use VFD over EtherCat. Guessing, i would say yes.

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