20 Apr 2023 16:42 #269492 by RomeReactor
Hello, we are making a generic drive for C2000 plus Delta VFD. We can control and read all the mapped signals, but we can not read or write the not mapped signal, and we are wonder if any body knows how declare hal signal for a parameter that have no PDO maping settings like the motor drive's  parameters group

=20pxOD 3000h Motor Drive’s Parameter Group
=16.6pxIndex=16.6px =16.6px3XXXh
=16.6pxName=16.6px =16.6pxDriver parameter
=16.6pxObject Type=16.6px =16.6pxVariable
=16.6pxData Type=16.6px =16.6pxUNSIGNED16
=16.6pxRead=16.6px-=16.6pxWrite Permission=16.6px =16.6pxRW
=16.6pxPDO MAPPING =16.6pxSETTING=16.6px =16.6pxNo
=16.6pxSetting Range=16.6px =16.6pxUNSIGNED16
=16.6pxFactory Setting=16.6px =16.6pxN/A

we declare our XML like this but the signals or parameters with NO PDO MAPPING SETTING are not readable or writable<masters><master idx="0" appTimePeriod="1000000" refClockSyncCycles="1"> <slave idx="6" type="generic" vid="000001DD" pid="10400140" configPdos="true"><syncManager idx="0" dir="out"></syncManager><syncManager idx="1" dir="in"></syncManager><syncManager idx="2" dir="out"><pdo idx="1602"><pdoEntry idx="6060" subIdx="00" bitLen="8" halPin="mode" halType="s32"/><pdoEntry idx="3000" subIdx="C" bitLen="16" halPin="vel-mod" halType="s32"/><pdoEntry idx="6080" subIdx="00" bitLen="32" halPin="maxrpm" halType="s32"/><pdoEntry idx="6040" subIdx="00" bitLen="16" halPin="drivecontrol" halType="s32"/><pdoEntry idx="607A" subIdx="00" bitLen="32" halType="complex"><complexEntry bitLen="32" halPin="poscommand" halType="float" scale="1"/></pdoEntry><pdoEntry idx="6042" subIdx="00" bitLen="32" halType="complex"><complexEntry bitLen="16" halPin="RPM" halType="float" scale="1"/></pdoEntry></pdo></syncManager><syncManager idx="3" dir="in"><pdo idx="1A02"><pdoEntry idx="603f" subIdx="00" bitLen="16" halPin="alarm" halType="float"/><pdoEntry idx="60fd" subIdx="00" bitLen="32" halPin="inputs" halType="bit"/><pdoEntry idx="6077" subIdx="00" bitLen="16" halPin="torque" halType="u32"/><pdoEntry idx="6078" subIdx="00" bitLen="16" halPin="current" halType="s32"/><pdoEntry idx="6041" subIdx="00" bitLen="16" halPin="drivestatus" halType="bit"/><pdoEntry idx="606C" subIdx="00" bitLen="32" halType="complex"><complexEntry bitLen="32" halPin="FB-RPM" halType="float" scale="1"/></pdoEntry><pdoEntry idx="6064" subIdx="00" bitLen="32" halType="complex"><complexEntry bitLen="32" halPin="pos" halType="float" scale="1"/></pdoEntry></pdo></syncManager><dcConf assignActivate="300" sync0Cycle="*1" sync0Shift="250000"/><watchdog divider="2498" intervals="1000"/></slave>  </master></masters>all the pins work except the ones that have NO PDO MAPPING SETTING. The parameter 00-11 (3000 subidx C) is the one we want to control.
Thanks in advance for your help

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21 Apr 2023 07:29 #269538 by db1981
-If you want to set the value once at startup use the <sdoConfig> statement.

-if you want to change the value during runtime, this is not possible with the generic driver, you have to code a native device driver for this device.
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22 May 2023 20:41 #271969 by RomeReactor
Thanks, the problem was solved without modifying the parameter.

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