Canopen over Ethercat (CoE) - novice questions

10 May 2023 15:06 #271109 by spumco
I've never played with CAN or Ethercat, but I've got a new project in the works and think I'd like to have a go at it.

Have been trying to follow the various Ethercat threads, but most explanations here and outside the LCNC forum are either unhelpful marketing junk or the authors make assumptions about the audience's knowledge level - and I'm simply not there yet.

I have some CANopen drives, both steppers and servo, but since I really have no idea how the whole CAN & Ethercat thing works I don't know if they're:
  • Fully compatible with LCNC (via Ethercat/CoE)
  • Sort-of compatible, but require additional hardware and major fussing
  • Not compatible
Reason I'm asking is that a Beckhoff CAN to Ethercat converter thing (EL6751?), even used, is more than a new Mesa board.  There's no point climbing the Ethercat learning curve and paying a premium just to recycle older drives.

So before I try to understand how it all works and how to implement, can someone let me know if what I've got can be used with LCNC's Ethercat driver/connection/whatever?  Or do I need to bite the bullet and just buy a native Ethercat drive/motor combo?

Drives I've got on hand:
Stepper - Copley STP
Servo - Copley XSL & XTL

All datasheets indicate the Canopen protocol is:
CANopen Application Layer DS-301 V4.01
DSP-402 Device Profile for Drives and Motion Control

I've got the datasheets & manuals if anyone needs/wants to review further.

Thanks in advance,

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10 May 2023 19:56 #271124 by 0x2102
Looking at the datasheets they are native CANopen drives, which would require a Beckhoff EL6751. It also seems like at least the servo drives support step/dir or -10V/10V.

Short answer, yourself some time and trouble and go with step/dir or analog. The EL6751 can be a rabbit hole.

Just my two cents...
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10 May 2023 20:10 #271125 by spumco
Exactly the info I was after, thanks a ton.

Looks like either new drives or I go Mesa - neither option is bad.

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