Fusion 360 Milling post with G64 Pn

07 Feb 2020 21:58 #156715 by Leon82
I haven't looked at it in a while but is there a post block called


Or pretract?

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09 Feb 2020 00:50 #156796 by Lcvette

@LCvette, yes, I've run production with this post for almost a year and it works well. I just set the smoothing (correction: tolerance) value to half of what I normally would to allow for the doubling effect of the G64. I've run it doing adaptive clearing and profiling at up to 500 IPM (12k MMPM).
Next step I want to do is have it set up so G00 moves get a large P value, could be cool. But not really necessary.


thanks for the feedback! i have installed as my post now too \o/ Hurray! i was ahving some really bad machine shaking issues at 500ipm re-positioning moves during adaptive. it was enough to almost hit the estop... when i went into the cam to see what might have caused it i saw the adaptive repositioning move was a bunch of line segments and i can't get them out..lol doesn't matter what i try, so im hoping to try and use the G64 P# to do some additional testing to smooth it out.

you can see/hear it in this video right after the 3:12 mark.. can see the door shake and hear the stutter of the enclosure from the abrupt ugly little moves. have a look if you will and let me know what you think, since you are cutting at rates as high as my repositioning moves maybe you have some good settings that can help me start at a good point and not have to cringe through the testing process as much..

Thanks MartyJ! and say high to your bro!

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