Non rigid tapping

11 Aug 2021 21:56 #217574 by klopp
Non rigid tapping was created by klopp

I have a CNC without a spindle encoder and I want to cut threads.

I use a spring loaded tap holder, to compensate for inaccuracies, however I'm not able to generate the proper gcode for it.

I use Fusion 360 with the LinuxCNC postprocessor and I have tried every threading option there is in Fusion, but it always generates a G33.1 code, which is obviously not working.

Is there a way to generate GCode for non rigid tapping?

Thanks in advanceĀ 

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16 Aug 2021 09:56 - 16 Aug 2021 09:56 #217868 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic Non rigid tapping
I think that you would need to either edit the G-code to use G84 or edit the postprocessor to use G84.

Looking through linuxcnc .cps files on Github I don't see any mention of G84 (or even 84)

You can edit the cps directly from the Fusion interface (manufacturing -> management section) . You might need to save a copy to "my posts" before being able to edit it. Look for
case "tapping":
In the version I am looking at the change would be to line 1008 of linuxcnc.cps
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